**SEE SALE PRICE IN CART**- Humorous Non-Woke Gender-Specific Bathroom Bumper Sticker |

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Description: Unveiling our humorous and conversation-starting bumper sticker, designed for those who champion traditional-true gender roles and bathroom use. This 11.25-inch by 3-inch statement piece is for the consumer who's unafraid to showcase their stance on gender-specific bathrooms. With a clear and straightforward message, it playfully warns that anyone crossing traditional-true boundaries will end up needing assistance.


  • Size: 11.25" x 3" — perfect for bumper visibility.
  • Material: Premium weatherproof vinyl that stands up to rain, snow, and sunlight.
  • Adhesive: Strong, durable hold.
  • Visibility: Sharp print with high-contrast colors that catch the eye.
  • Message: Clear, humorous, and boldly advocating for two-gender bathroom use.


Genre: Political and Social Humor Accessories


  • Gender-specific bathroom advocacy
  • Humorous social commentary
  • Traditional-true gender roles

Conclusion: This bumper sticker is not just an accessory but a bold expression of personal belief, blending humor with a strong message about gender-specific bathrooms. It's an ideal way for like-minded individuals to connect and make their voices heard in a public setting.

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