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Showcase your patriotic spirit with the Gadsden Flag Patriotic Oval Necklace. The ellipse-shaped pendant hangs from a durable zinc alloy chain, while the aluminum print panel proudly bears the 'Don't Tread on Me' motto. This emblematic piece is available at Back The Blue Store for those who cherish freedom and bravery.

Description: The Gadsden Flag Patriotic Oval Necklace is a symbol of American heritage and valor. It's made with a strong brass material ensuring durability. The pendant features a distinct ellipse shape with a vibrant aluminum print of the Gadsden flag snake, a historical emblem of independence.


  • Composition: Zinc alloy chain with a brass pendant
  • Design: Ellipse-shaped with a Gadsden flag motif
  • Surface: High-quality aluminum for the print

FAQ: Q: Can the necklace withstand daily wear? A: Absolutely, the robust materials are suitable for everyday use.

Q: Is the pendant design unique to your store? A: Yes, it's a distinctive design sold exclusively at Back The Blue Store.

Genre: Patriotic Jewelry

Themes: Freedom, Independence, American History

Conclusion: This necklace is more than an accessory; it's a statement of freedom, perfect for those who stand with resilience and bravery, mirroring the spirit of the Gadsden flag.

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