California Highway Patrol Inspired Pet Bed | Indoor Plush Comfort for Dogs

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Description: Our uniquely designed pet bed is the perfect comfort zone for your four-legged patroller. Inspired by the iconic California Highway Patrol, this bed replicates the distinguished CHP patrol car door, complete with the official star and "Highway Patrol" text and the CHP star. Crafted for indoor use, it features a plush 100% polyester print area, complemented by a cozy 100% cotton underside.


  • Material: Polyester print area, Cotton underside
  • Closure: Secure zipper
  • Insert: Shape retaining
  • Size Variance: 28" × 18" +/- 2"; 40" × 30" +/- 2"; 50" × 40" +/- 2.5"
  • Maintenance: For indoor use only

FAQ: Q: Is the bed machine washable? A: Yes, but we recommend removing the insert and washing the cover separately.

Q: Can the bed be used outdoors? A: It's designed for indoor use to ensure longevity and comfort.

Genre: Pet Care Accessories

Themes: Law Enforcement Pride, Pet Comfort, Home Safety

Conclusion: Give your pet a bed that salutes the heroes of the highway. This CHP-themed pet bed not only provides a snug spot for your dog but also pays homage to our everyday road guardians.

  28" × 18" 40" × 30" 50" × 40"
Width, in 17.99 30.00 40.00
Lenght, in 27.99 40.00 50.00

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