California Highway Patrol Star Ceramic Pet Bowl | Honor in Every Meal

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Description: Feast your pet's eyes and appetite with our California Highway Patrol (CHP) inspired pet bowl. This white and CHP tan ceramic bowl, adorned with the distinguished blue and gold stripes and the iconic CHP star, brings law enforcement honor to your pet's mealtime.


  • Capacity: 16oz (0.473 l) for hearty meals
  • Finish: Glazed for a sleek look and easy cleaning
  • Material: Durable white ceramic
  • Size: 6" diameter, 2.25" height, 19" circumference for pets of all sizes
  • Design: CHP star in the front and the blue and gold stripes wrap around 1/2 of the bowl, with a clear back

FAQ: Q: Is the bowl dishwasher safe? A: Yes, the glazed ceramic is dishwasher safe.

Q: Can this bowl be used for water as well as food? A: Absolutely, it's suitable for both food and water.

Genre: Pet Accessories

Themes: Law Enforcement Pride, Pet Care, Mealtime Enjoyment

Conclusion: This CHP Pet Bowl is not only a functional dish for your pet's daily needs but also a proud display of support for our dedicated highway patrol officers.

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