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Description: Brave the elements with a touch of authority using the Black and White California Highway Patrol Inspired Umbrella. This robust accessory not only provides shelter from the rain but also showcases respect for our dedicated highway patrol officers. It's automatic, easy to use, and sends a message of “Safety, Service, and Security.”


  • Material: Durable polyester construction
  • Size: Compact and travel-friendly at 26cm (10.2'') when folded, with an expansive 95cm (37.4'') diameter for coverage
  • Handle: Ergonomic with an automatic open/close button; manual retraction required
  • Design: Classic black and white with the iconic California Highway Patrol star
  • Messaging: Features the words "Highway Patrol" along with the CHP motto

FAQ: Q: How does the automatic open/close feature work? A: A single press of the button on the handle will open or close the umbrella. To retract the handle, do so manually.

Q: Is the umbrella durable in windy conditions? A: Yes, it's made with quality materials to withstand typical windy scenarios.

Genre: Law Enforcement Supportive Gear

Themes: Support for Law Enforcement, Personal Security, Functional Design, Official Memorabilia.

Conclusion: This California Highway Patrol Inspired Umbrella stands out as a practical piece of memorabilia, perfect for supporters of our men and women in uniform. It’s a unique addition to any collection and a practical item for everyday use.

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