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Description: Celebrate the next chapter with our California Highway Patrol Retired Whiskey Glass. Emblazoned with "Highway Patrol" and the esteemed CHP star, this glass honors the time-honored service and the transition to a life of leisure. The emblem "Officially RETIRED, Not My Problem Anymore" captures the spirit of a well-earned rest with a touch of humor.

Details: Each glass holds 6oz (0.17l), fitting the standard for a rich whiskey experience. Crafted from 100% glass with a glossy print, the design is assembled in the USA, ensuring quality and a patriotic edge. This glass is a salute to service and a nod to the joys of retirement.

FAQ: Q: Is this glass dishwasher safe? A: For lasting quality, we recommend hand washing only.

Q: Is the print durable? A: Yes, the glossy print is made to endure, but care should be taken with handling and washing.

Genre: Retirement Gifts, Drinkware, Law Enforcement Memorabilia

Themes: Retirement, Celebration, Patriotism, Law Enforcement Tribute, Whiskey Enthusiasts

Conclusion: Our CHP Retired Whiskey Glass is more than just a vessel for your favorite spirit; it's a toast to achievements and the anticipation of relaxation ahead.

Height, in 3.50
Rim diameter, in 2.36
Bottom diameter, in 2.52

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